Little Mountain Improv started in October 2015 and has been hittin’ dingers ever since.





Tim Carlson is a Vancouver actor, improviser, and teacher. He has toured across Canada and the USA as a founding member of Lorax Improv and recently starred in the CBC comedy Young Drunk Punk.



Rachel Smith
is a Vancouver writer and improviser. She is part of Benjamins Improv and holds a Master’s degree in Art History, Visual Art & Theory, which she’ll tell anyone who will listen.



Kelli Ogmundson
is a Vancouver actor, improviser and singer. She is a member of Benjamins Improv, recently voiced a My Little Pony, and is the focus of a Supernatural meme.



Shawn Norman
has been improvising in Vancouver for 15 years. He has had the pleasure of performing across North America, including Seattle, Portland, Victoria, Winnipeg, & Regina.



Ember Konopaki
is a comedian with a bunch of fun improv and sketch credentials that she is too lazy to list here. Her favorite emoji and movie is The Santa Claus(e).



Nima Gholamipour
consumes so many chocolate croissants. He is also a Vancouver comedian, actor, visual artist, and co-produces a Vancouver, duos-only sketch comedy show called SIDEKICKS.



Shane McLean
acts, does improv, and writes sketch comedy in Vancouver. Most recently he starred in the TV pilot “Wilmore Boys” and wrote and directed the sketch show Miami Vice Principal.



Aaron Read
is a comedian, visual artist, and musician working out of Vancouver BC. He is a longstanding member of the Sunday Service and co-founder of Blind Tiger Comedy school.



Christine Bortolin
is an actor and writer in Vancouver, BC. Watch her web series Golden Futures and here’s her Twitter handle: @theonlybortolin.